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Alpha Squad boost changes

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Game update 2 appears to have changed all alpha squad boosts to now grant 50% increased xp AND resource gain. I've confirmed my NC and TR characters have it (hasn't been equipped on them yet, appears to have the full 6 months).

My VS character only used it for a day or two back when the game was released before I replaced it, without knowing it would delete it, with a 50% boost for 500 SC.

Here is the response to a ticket I sent in last night:
Thank you for contacting PlanetSide 2, Operative Terminus here!

I understand you are curious about the Alpha Squad Boost. Our Development Team will be mass re-granting all Alpha Squad players and their characters new 50 % boosts to replace and old or missing boosts in the very near future. Currently we do not have an ETA for this to occur but feel free to browse our forums for our latest updates and our RoadMap for our up coming new features ( ). Should you have any future questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us again.
Well, at least if/when I do get it back, the 50% will help catch up to the missed xp when I had no boost equipped.
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