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PhysX particles

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I see many people are complaining about PhysX particle issues on the forum. A dev responded by saying it's being worked on.

Running a GTX 580, I did some tests. Cleared the user options and set some things up, resetting the game. Before and after FPS was about the same in the VR near the empty tower. PhysX turned on and reset again. Not a real noticeable drop while shooting walls or exploding vehicles compared to tests without it, but they definitely look fun, though maybe a bit too "sparkly." As soon as I look at any Lift Pad though, at least a 10 fps drop, with some extra lag, especially as they first start to load. There are 6 of those in a tower, so past the lower level, they're going to render. Updated driver 314.07 to beta driver 314.21, that has no physx update, and it gave the same fps in tests with or without physx.

If they gave an option to customize what objects/pads/explosions render particles, and maybe a max number of them, I think this would be something I'd use now. After some Google time, I found nothing to force adjust physx like that unless the game has config options in the ini files (a lot of results for Borderlands 2 physx that has such ini options). If anyone knows how to tweak/limit PhysX or hears anything from the devs on forums/twitter, please post!

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