Hotfix: Standardized cap times, VS MAX weapon adjustments

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Hotfix: Standardized cap times, VS MAX weapon adjustments

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All capture times have now been standardized:
  • Small Outposts take 4 minutes
    Large Outposts take 7 minutes
    Facilities take 10 minutes
    Influence bonus during capture has been removed
    Bonus for number of players on the point has been removed
Updated some weapons to match the values we initially called out in the GU07 release notes that we didn’t manage to get to Live servers the first time around:
  • VS Blueshift VM5
    VS Nebula VM20
    VS Cosmos VM3

Fixed an issue preventing players from accessing certain equipment slots if they were switching between loadouts within the same class or vehicle AND had an item equipped in that slot in the first loadout, but not in the second
The 1st person pump action shotgun reload animation will no longer appear to be stuck
The NS11C compensator attachment will now be properly attached to the weapon
The main Rashnu Biolab is now capturable again (forward spawns are still being worked on)
Missing spawn shields at The Crown have been replaced.
Fixed an issue which prevented the engineer’s AV Turret from being previewed in the Depot
Fixed tint issue with the Black and Gold versions of the Underboss and Commissioner pistols when previewed on your character
Fixed a missing resupply button on the Utility page
Fix for generator timers displaying incorrect values in the HUD and minimap
Fixed issue preventing players from viewing the Hvar Northgate Garrison redeployment option
Fixed issue causing players deploying at The Crown to end up at the wrong location

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