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ESF Update Plans

Post by Calisai » ... ns.138396/

A lot of ESF changes.

VS weapons will be high velocity, fast reload now... Also adding a cert line to fuel tanks to add speed. I'm actually interested in this as I use it mostly for transport. It will actually stack with racer. I might actually start flying a bit more... hit and run at full speed might be something I can get my mind to handle (rather than the spinning dogfighting that's going on now).

Also, Stealth and Fire suppression is changing for all vehicles. You'll now have to upgrade to full level stealth to be removed from minimap completely. They are also "supposedly" fixing the lock-on bug for stealth (stealth not delaying lock-on at all).

So no more buying level 1 stealth and leaving it. I thought this should have been done long ago anyway... It's actually a buff for me (by nerfing all you cheap bastards with only level 1 stealth :wink: )

Good thing there will be a 2XP weekend here soon between the Thermal change and stealth changes coming up.

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