Which faction do you prefer to fight?

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Which faction do you prefer to fight?

Post by Calisai »

So, since the forums have been quiet lately... and crickets scare Obi... I figured I'd do my part to keep a few of the bugs away. :o

So, I had a very balanced TR/NC kill balance up until TE quit. I'm not sure if it was due to warpgate rotation, or what battles I liked to fight, or just how many of each faction are online at any particular time. However, I've noticied that my ratio has started to severely tilt towards NC.

I never noticed a preference before... but i've started finding myself fighting NC quite a lot lately. Not by choice usually. I think some of it has to do with the SW part of indar (I love that area... the grasslands is my favorite place to fight...), but I also think it has to do with the population of TR dropping. As annoying as the strikers and mossies can get, I never really consciously avoid them... it just seems like the better fights are against the NC.

So, what faction do you prefer to fight? Any particular reasons?

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Re: Which faction do you prefer to fight?

Post by Fed »

I prefer to fight NC. This is from an ESF perspective. TR Striker lockons + NC Reaver increased hitbox are my main reasons for this. I also find the TR tend to 'Air Horde' more than the NC counterparts.
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Re: Which faction do you prefer to fight?

Post by ObsidianOne »

Do the TR leave Indar?
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Re: Which faction do you prefer to fight?

Post by Roland »

My NC / TR k/d is heavily skewed to NC. However, I have been finding myself in fights lately against the TR. My new strategy is to play engineer / turret AA whore or burster max. If they only got out of their Mosquito's, I might engage them in a different manner. And every single one of them has rocket pods spamming the ground.

NC are ridiculously easy to kill due to the lack of lock-on AV and long reload times. I usually grab a magrider or lightning to camp their Sunderer since none of them can hit the broadside of a barn with their AV.

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Re: Which faction do you prefer to fight?

Post by PhunkSauce »

I would prefer to fight the TR. This is based on my natural distaste for imperialism and the perceived 'rigitity' of the TR. However....... I enjoy both flying and living. The two seem to be mutually exclusive over TR territory as Fed was saying.

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