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Operation OMFG!

Post by Calisai »

https://forums.station.sony.com/ps2/ind ... me.150282/

Good post on all the optimizations they are looking at doing.

At least they were nice enough to patch in the last few things they were working on today.

https://forums.station.sony.com/ps2/ind ... st.150296/

Specifically... AV turret object rendering.. Striker missile rendering.. a few UI/Bug fixes and lowering the frequency of some type of alerts (Facility alerts)... going to be more territory alerts due to it. Wonder if they decreased the overall amount of alerts (or the thresholds)

Anyway... probably not going to have a whole lot going on for the next few months as far as new things... but hopefully we'll start seeing the benefits of the optimization sooner. (I hope they don't hold it all and push it it in one big update....)

One thing I'm particularly looking forward to is this:
I’m also excited about our ongoing efforts to create a Benchmark Level. Old-school “run through a rail and compute your frame rate” here. SOE believes in empowering its users like nobody else, and this is another example. We’re going to be giving you the ability to actually measure your frame rate in a static environment so you can, with every patch, have a one-button “How am I doing?” solver. You fly around a scene, while we compute all sorts of metrics on fill rates, object update times, UI times, and hundreds more…Then, at the end,you can see a score,discuss it and WE get that score as well, along with your hardware setup. Being able to have a static scene custom-purposed to find performance problems is HUGE. No more, “Well I got X frame rate at a bar in Indar on a Tuesday while it was raining.” Now you’ll be able to say, “Last week I got a score of 8300, but this week IT’S OVER 9000!!!!”
I love maximizing my settings to squeeze out performance... but it's such a hit or miss endeavor while testing... especially when it comes to things that impact only huge battles. They needed this in tech test...

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