Producer's Letter: Weekly Updates

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Producer's Letter: Weekly Updates

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Hi All,

I’m Ryan “Raxxyl” Wells, producer of PlanetSide 2. If you’ve watched the O:MFG series, you may have seen me a few times or heard me behind the camera during some of the late night antics around here. You also may have seen miscellaneous patch notes, forum posts, Reddit responses, etc. Anyhow, I’m here to briefly talk about one of our top community topics: Weekly Updates.

The short of it is that it’s a good concept that wasn’t always executed well. Our intention was to bring you something interesting and benefit the game each week, but it hasn’t been consistent and we’re going to make changes to fix that.

Most of you have probably noticed or heard that we didn’t put out a game update this week. That’s step one in doing this better: holding the update until it is ready. We sometimes take risks late in the development cycle trying to get a change up to Live to help improve the game. Most times, that works out, but once in a while, it doesn’t. It’s on us to decide if the update is ready or if that change can wait.

Next, we are going to do more concentrated updates, which will allow us to focus more time on getting them right. Sounds simple, I know, but it’s not always easy holding so many people back from trying to make the game better each day. This team loves the game and wants nothing more than to make it exceptional.

And of course, we are going to do more and better testing, which you can help with. PlanetSide 2 is a game of massive scale and it’s not easy to properly test everything without significant population. If you’ve got the time, drop by on our Public Test Server and help us test. Check out our Test Server patch notes, jump on and send us bugs via the in-game tool. Or check for scheduled play tests, which will happen more frequently now, and play with us. As we’ve mentioned before, each of the bugs submitted in-game are emailed directly to every one of our developers and QA folks where we review them and work on them as possible. It’s not as simple as fixing every single bug exactly when we get it, but we’re working on allocating more time to reviewing and bug fixing while we’re on Test Server. (Expect more info on this later, but we’re also working on a small reward program for folks that help us on Test Server.)

If you don’t have the time or interest in helping us test, that’s okay, we’d ask just one thing: support the game. If this game is as important to you as it is to us, support it in any way that you can. Tell your friends, bring them back, stream a play session, upgrade now, write a bug report, give RadarX a break, make a PS2 video, upgrade now, tweet @mhigby, show a newbie how to play, post on the forums, send us beer, etc. Have you upgraded yet?! All joking aside, we really can’t do this without you.

Thanks for your time and for sticking with us. We greatly appreciate your loyalty and dedication to PlanetSide 2 and I personally look forward to being with you all for years to come.

-Ryan "Raxxyl" Wells

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