PS2.. sigh, you might see me online

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PS2.. sigh, you might see me online

Post by Urinal »

OK ok, so after 3 years maybe SOE (whoever they are now) MAYBE turned it into a reasonable game
<mumbles about kids on her lawn>
.. apparently I still have station cash.

The guys at work are getting into it (but PS4 version) is that in beta? Do they need keys? I am trying to get them playing VS from the get-go ^_^
BTW Venom its still your fault
BENO get some internet
OBD: I had some windows problems but I am up for a PS1 day, MM, thoughts?
Wease: I have a 4U Dell poweredge, the thing would get me noise complaints from my neighbors but it has 16 phys cores, 96GB of RAM and 6TB of SAS storage.. what do I do with this thing?


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Re: PS2.. sigh, you might see me online

Post by WhatIsOurLimits »

PS4 is no longer in closed beta... its in full release... believe it or not... (lol)

Edit: At least thats what I have heard, I wouldn't be surprised if it was now open beta.
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Re: PS2.. sigh, you might see me online

Post by Straif »

fresh blood for the bug-god. *cackle*

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Re: PS2.. sigh, you might see me online

Post by Griesele »


I just joined PS2, held off for years and was hoping it would be fun now... it is. not quite PS1 but cool.

How is school, you are probably done by now.... Hope all is well

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