looking for old Darkies

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looking for old Darkies

Post by Griesele »

Hi. I played with DARK in PS1... a long time ago. (I had some ups and downs, sometimes it was all to serious... but I had a lot of fun with the DARK players) Does anyone from PS1 play anymore? (where is OBD and Mouse?) Is DARK active these days? I just joined PS2 and only se a couple of DARK people on at any time.

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Re: looking for old Darkies

Post by OneBadDude »

Wow- I missed this thread. Hopefully Gris gets an email notification that I replied.

Gries- Wargul and wease are probably the only two DARKies playing ps2 that you would recognize. I've tried a couple times and just can't make the jump to ps2, so believe it or not I still am on PS1 from time to time. There are typically a handful of friends that jump on, and you can play an hour or two fighting in a three way at a base. It's small and sporadic, but you, like me would recognize the guys playing. Most are vets who say they miss PS1 and wish more would come back, and most do not like PS2 and moved on to different games.

I played World of Tanks awhile, and Attilla on Steam, played League of Legends longer. 1shot1kill and Hells Rangers play LOL so I could get on vent and game with them, but I got bored with that too. I'd give anything to fall in love with another ps1 type game, I like third person, and I love strategy and teamwork, ps2 was just way too different from ps1 for me to latch on to.

I am OBD on steam if you want to chat sometime. Deadly, Salous, Mag, 1shot are often on too. Just waiting for a good ops type game where we can all get together again and game---
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Re: looking for old Darkies

Post by Urinal »

Hey Gries! Still around, miss our late night chats. I will PM you my email address if you want to stay in touch.

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