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Monitor Advice

Post by Monk0054 »

I live in the Myrtle Beach, SC. I plan to use this monitor for gaming and videos. Would like a 23-25" 1920 x 1080 resolution monitor. My budget is $250-350. Personally, I don't have any preferred brands, so feel free to advice me any company you want.
I am planning to use a gtx 1070 4gb, and I need an HDMI port for that.
Need to say I need some help with refresh rate, I guess higher is better but I am not sure about it.

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Re: Monitor Advice

Post by Calisai »

Monk0054 wrote:Personally, I don't have any preferred brands,
Personally, I've been using Viewsonic monitors for a couple of decades and have had no complaints. Had a refurbed 21" CRT back in the 97-2003 PS1 days, Then upgraded to dual 19" 4:3 monitors, then a 24" widescreen, and now am using a 27" VA series monitor for my gaming rig and the old 24" for my recording rig.

Stick with the VA, VX, or XG lines and you'll be good to go. They made a few really cheap lines for residential (non-gaming) over the years that were functional but kinda meh as far as gaming is concerned (I think they stopped that though). However, the gaming & pro lines are really nice.

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Re: Monitor Advice

Post by RudolfS »

Which one did you end up buying and are you satisfied with it? I'm in the same shoes at the moment. Trying to find the best-buy uption currently.

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